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Clinically significant treatment gains have been observed with placebo in numerous disorders, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, tardive dyskinesia, ischemic heart disease, cardiac failure, Parkinson's disease and even cancer, among a host of other conditions.

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Spontaneous remission is well known to occur in conditions that range from medical disorders e. Regression to the mean describes improvement that occurs as a result of random fluctuation in the severity of illness; in clinical trials, because patients are usually preselected for greater severity of illness, such fluctuations usually occur in only one direction i. Nonspecific support can reduce anxiety, depression, pain and similar constructs. Spontaneous remission and regression to the mean may occur coincidental to prayer.

Nonspecific psychosocial support related to prayer may arise in group prayer settings. Improvements in all these contexts are true improvements.

Twice As Good (Mills And Boon Medical)

In contrast, in randomized controlled studies on the efficacy of prayer as a treatment, rated improvements that are not true improvements may also occur; explanations for such improvement include the Hawthorne effect and the Rosenthal effect. The Hawthorne effect refers to change that occurs as a result of the act of observation or measurement,[ 27 , 28 ] whereas the Rosenthal effect refers to change resulting from observer or rater expectancy. With regard to the latter, the tendency of the rater to expect symptom attenuation across time may result in the attachment of lower significance to reported symptoms.

Although the very consideration of such a possibility may appear scientifically bizarre, it cannot be denied that, across the planet, people pray for health and for relief of symptoms in times of sickness. Healing through prayer, healing through religious rituals, healing at places of pilgrimage and healing through related forms of intervention are well-established traditions in many religions.

Meditation, the placebo response, regression to the mean, the natural course of various illnesses, nonspecific emotional support, the Hawthorne effect and the Rosenthal effect have all been studied.

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What about divine intervention as a mechanism of recovery of health through prayer? This has also been seriously investigated. Astin et al. A total of 23 trials involving 2, patients met the inclusion criteria and were subjected to analysis.

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Twice as Good (Mills & Boon Medical) [Alison Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Alison Roberts spent two years in Scotland, her time there provided the perfect opportunity to write her first book, and she has written over thirty Mills.

The methodological limitations of many of the studies, however, made it difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the efficacy of distant healing. Of note, Astin et al. Therapeutic touch and Reiki were both included in the definition; as both of these may elicit an expectancy response,[ 31 ] it becomes even harder to draw definitive conclusions about the literature that Astin et al. In another systematic review, Crawford et al. There were 90 identified studies of which 45 had been conducted in clinical settings and 45 in laboratory settings.

Crawford et al. Major methodological problems of the identified studies were an inadequacy of blinding, dropped data in laboratory studies, unreliability of outcome measures, infrequent use of power estimations and confidence intervals, and lack of independent replication. In the present article, we present a purposive, qualitative review of the scientific literature on possible paranormal healing through prayer. We then critically evaluate the scientific and religious implications of such research. The currently accepted gold standard for the investigation of the efficacy of medical interventions is the double-blind, randomized controlled trial.

Most recent studies on prayer and healing have adopted this design. In such studies, commonly, a group of intercessors prays for the health of patients who are randomized to the intervention group.

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These patients do not know that they are being prayed for, and the persons who are praying do not come in contact with the patients for whom they pray. Medical outcomes in these patients are compared with outcomes in patients randomized to the control group who are not prayed for. Finally and importantly, the medical treatment team is also blind to the prayer group status of individual patients.

Thus, these studies are triple-blind. In this purposive review, we illustrate the nature of the research in the field by presenting one human and one nonhuman study on improved outcomes associated with prayer, one study showing no difference between prayer and control conditions, one study showing worse outcomes with prayer and one study suggesting that prayer may have a retrospective healing effect.

We then provide a detailed, critical evaluation of the scientific and theological implications of such research. Cha et al. These women were randomized into distant prayer and control groups. The patients and their providers were not informed about the intervention. The investigators, and even the statisticians, did not know the group allocations until all the data had been collected.

Thus, the study was randomized, triple-blind, controlled and prospective in design. Furthermore, the women who had been prayed for showed a higher implantation rate than those who had not been prayed for Finally, the benefits of prayer were independent of clinical or laboratory providers and clinical variables. Thus, this study showed that distant prayer facilitates implantation and pregnancy. Lesniak[ 33 ] described a study on the effect of intercessory prayer on wound healing in a nonhuman primate species. The sample comprised 22 bush babies Otolemur garnettii with wounds resulting from chronic self-injurious behavior.

These animals were randomized into prayer and control groups that were similar at baseline. Prayer was conducted for 4 weeks.

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Both groups of bush babies additionally received L-tryptophan. Lesniak[ 33 ] found that the prayer group animals had a greater reduction in wound size and a greater improvement in hematological parameters than the control animals. This study is important because it was conducted in a nonhuman species; therefore, the likelihood of a placebo effect was removed. Aviles et al. In this study, coronary care unit patients at discharge were randomized to intercessory prayer or no prayer conditions.

Prayer was conducted by five persons per patient at least once a week for 26 weeks.

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Patients were considered to belong to a high-risk group if they were 70 years old or older or if they had any of the following: diabetes mellitus, previous myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease or peripheral vascular disease. The primary endpoint of the study was any of the following: death, cardiac arrest, rehospitalization for cardiovascular disease, coronary revascularization or an emergency department visit for cardiovascular disease.

By the end of 26 weeks, a primary endpoint had occurred in The difference was not statistically significant. The results remained nonsignificant when data were analyzed separately for high- and low-risk patients. Thus, this study showed that, as delivered in this study, intercessory prayer did not influence the week outcome after discharge from a coronary care unit.