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Robert Asprin
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Guido and Nunzio may not be the brightest bodyguards in the world - but they certainly are faithful. When Skeeve "the Great" asks them to join the army of Possiltum, the two thugs volunteer without question Except: Whose side are they on? Queen Hemlock's? The Mob Fairy Godfather's? The two baffled bodyguards barely have time to figure it out - they've been handed government - issue crossbows, armored with leather skirts, and given combat orders by the dreaded drill sergeant Smiley! When the queen makes him an offer he cannot refuse, master-magician Skeeve must use his powers to devise an escape before wedding bells start to chime, in the latest volume in the popular Myth series. Apprentice magician Skeeve, his scaly mentor Aahz and beautiful ex-assassin Tanda are back - and this time they're treasure hunting in a dimension that combines the Wild West with the vampire - cursed hills of Transylvania - where gold is common as dirt, and danger lurks behind every sagebrush.

Revolution is in the air. The king's court sorcerer is being eyed with suspicion. Not for dabbling in the black arts But for the greatest crime of all: raising taxes. Who is this terrible tyrant?

Robert Asprin -Myth Conceptions Pt 4 of 10 Audio

None other than Skeeve the Great. Oh, how the mighty have fallen When the sheepish Wuhses are taken advantage of by the overbearing Pervects, Skeeve teams up with Zol Icty - self-help expert and best-selling author of Imps Are from Imper, Deveels Are from Deva - on a mythion in personal empowerment.

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Someone - or something - masquerading as Skeeve the Magnificent is racking up hundreds of thousands of gold pieces of debt. It's up to Aahz the Pervect not pervert!

After years as a court magician and inter-dimensional hero, Skeeve needed a rest. So he took some time off to study magic and relax. When a few months later several members of the M.

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Team each ask him to train some talented, young magicians in "practical magic" he has to agree. But after the assassins attack and a manticore tries to eat them, the Khlad mage soon discovers that there is more going on than learning. His students are preparing for a very deadly magical game and you won't believe where.

Worse yet, the game may be fixed, and the only way to save his students lives is for Skeeve to risk his own. Someone is collecting animated treasures and keeping them from their heroic destinies. Reunited with the lovely Trollop Tananda, Aahz the Pervect must help out a sword called Ersatz, and embark on a quest that just may restore his lost magical powers. Skeeve has decided, at long last, to come out of his self-imposed retirement and get back into the problem-solving biz. He confidently expected to walk in and take his rightful place as the head of M.

He didn't expect to have to face off against Aahz for the job. With their friends lending help but showing no favorites, they start a not-so-friendly contest to see who will run the company by taking opposite sides of the next case to walk in the door.

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Will the legendary partnership survive the battle? Or will this be the end of a beautiful friendship? Aahz falls for a literal pyramid scheme, selling it stone by stone as a burial site, while claiming the coveted pointed stone top for himself. But Skeeve wants to be know why the construction site is having so many accidents - before both he and Aahz end up in the afterlife before their time Business is slow for M.

Myth Adventures 19 books in series.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. All the Myth books are hysterically funny. -- Analog An excellent, light-hearted fantasy series. -- Epic Illustrated. Myth Conceptions: Myth Adventures, Book 2 (Audible Audio Edition): Robert Asprin, Noah Michael Levine, Audible Studios: Books.

Keeping the narrative arc going, it successfully expand upon this fantasy narrative, building a story that features a vast number of much beloved characters. The style of the book is also in keeping with the first too, as it manages to retain that sense of comic timing that made the original so popular.

Skeeve has now been appointed as a court magician, something which seems to be a huge mistake to all, especially to the regent that happened to appoint him for some unknown reason.

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Shelves: desperado , entertaining , favorites , fantasy , killer , hero , recs-by-evgeny. This is where Ahaz once again comes in because as anybody who has ever been to a job interview would know or doesn't know for that matter the whole interview isn't so much about the skills you have because that is generally outlined on the resume , but rather how you present yourself. This book picks right back up with the same humor and witty banter the first one left us with. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. But he does hint at it when Tanda refuses Skeeve's suggestion that she kill the officers of the invading army; assassins, she says, only take on contracts in personal feuds, never as a part of a war. I will comment that Skeeve's character development throughout the books is actually one of the more persuading illustrations of "young, arrogant boy becoming a great leader" that I've seen--Asprin does a good job introducing his characters as promising but flawed young people and Asprin's Myth books are fun. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Regardless of this, he finds himself in this highly sought after position and that is when he learns that he must defend the kingdom from the oncoming invasion of an army that just happens to be the deadliest of all armies in the world, a feat which seems to be no small task for the magician who was only just recently still and apprentice before having his apprenticeship cruelly cut short. Will he manage to complete the task laid before him and defend the kingdom from the oncoming threat? Can he save them all and himself in the process? What will become of Skeeve as he begins to form some myth conceptions?

Writing much of the series with Jodie Lynn Nye, they managed together to build a long and expansive series that lasted over many years. Using humor and puns, they have a light-hearted appeal that audiences have appreciated, as they provide something less serious in a genre that is known for being otherwise.

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